Fire Suppression Systems

CO2 Fire Suppression System

    Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression System consists of one or more bank of cylinder storage containers to suply the CO2 extinguishing agent. Flexible discharge bends or hoses connects the cylinders into a piping manifold. The manifold in turn distributes the agent into the piping network. Nozzles regulate the flow of CO2 into the protected area.

Argonet System

    Argon is easily configured to suit the requirements of BS6266: 1992 for either space or in-cabinet protection. As a result of its ability to rapidly inert a space. Argon is suitable for extinguishing fire in most applications where a surface is involved. When discharge into an area, the oxygen content is reduced from its ambient atmospheric level of 21% to 12% and at this reduced level; fires in most flammable materials are extinguished in 30 to 45 seconds. Odorised and non-toxic for extra safety, the effect on humans at oxygen levels of 12% and 14% is minimal and medical research has shown that there are no short or long term influences on the body. Argon contains no carbon dioxide and its toxic atmosphere potential is therefore zero.